The server is back from maintenance mode with new stuff and bug fixes.

There's new games that we will talk about them right now.

1. Block Party

Game made for people who like music and dancing

The way to play :

It's simple! When a block appears in your hand, you should stand on the block with the same color.

There's a cooldown beween every round.


2. Hide and Seek

This is a very fun minigame that splits players into two teams, each team has his own objective that he must fulfill in order to win!  All your statics will be saved, so don't worry about quitting at anytime.

The way to play :

Hider : You will be chosen to be a random block ,and you have to hide somewhere and never let the seeker catch you ,stop in the place where you need to hide and the block that represents you will be placed.

In a little time ,you will get a sword ,bow and arrows and fireworks.  When you shoot the firework, it will give you 3 coins ,but make sure that the seeker doesn't see you.

Seeker : Your task is to catch the hiders using your axe. you will have harming potions and bows and arrows to help you.


The new mini-game is here! The HotPotato! 

How to play?
You are given a HOT Potato about to explode, if you have it, you need to give it to a friend or player before it explodes.
Who holds the potato in his hands before time will explode and lost.


Enjoy! :)

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